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Settings regarding VAT, taxes, fees, etc.

You can change settings regarding VAT etc. in your company settings.

  1. Click your company name to the right in the top menu. Select Company Settings in the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Go To to the right of VAT, taxes, fees, etc. to define rates for different types of VAT, taxes and fees and indicate when to apply them.
  3. Click Add new in the upper right corner. Give it a name and define the rate.
  4. You can choose whether the calculation base should include other taxes and fees.
  5. Indicate if it is an expense which will be covered at a later point of time, e.g. VAT.
  6. The field Weight indicates where the rate should be placed on documents.
  7. When you have created and defined a VAT, tax or fee, , it will appear on the list. Click the button Rules to define rules about when to apply each VAT, tax or fee rate.
  8. You can set rules which depend on Document Type, Country, SKU or Line Category, or Tags that you assigned to a partner, service line or SKU.

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