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Traces for traceability

tracezilla keeps track of the traceability of your lots. As the entire application is built around the lot, tracezilla will automatically ensure traceability of the products you process and sell because you have a lot number for each lot, which is printed on all documents.  

To ensure traceability back to your suppliers, and even the suppliers of your supplier, you can add a trace to your lot. This can be the lot number that came with the lot when you purchased it from your supplier.

You can add other traces like container number, pallet number or a certificate from your supplier. Read about certificates.

A trace can be add to a lot or to a delivery.

  1. You can add the trace to the lot from your order by ticking the box to the left of the lot line and click Add trace.
  2. You can also add the trace when you view the lot. Go to the tab Traces and click Add trace.
  3. To add traces to a delivery, go to the delivery and select the tab Traces.
  4. Click the button Add trace and select the traces system that you want to use.
  5. You can select Certificate, Lot number, Pallet number, Container number, or Other. Fill in the number in the field Key.
  6. If you select Certificate, you must select the certification body amongst your partners. If the certification body is not already a partner, you can add it by clicking Add. Then select the correct certificat.

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