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Sales order

Create a sales order to sell goods to a customer.

If you wish to link a production or purchase directly to your sale, you can use direct shipping. [Indsæt link].

In your company settings, you can set some standard settings for your orders.

To view your sales orders, click Sales in the top menu and select Orders.

Create sales order

  1. To create a sales order, click the button Create in the upper right corner and select Sales order.
  2. Fill in the order details: customer, location, order date, payment terms and requisition number. If the customer is already a partner, you can type part of the name and select it from the list. Otherwise, click Add and add the customer as a partner.
  3. If there is already a location filled in for the partner, it will automatically appear. If there are several locations, you must select the correct one.
  4. Remember to fill in currency and currency rate, if relevant. If the currency rate is not filled in, the sales price will not appear on the order as part of the revenue.
  5. When you save the order details, you will go to delivery details. Fill in forwarder, as well as delivery date and check that the recipient is correct. You can choose to fill in default delivery terms, INCO-terms®.
  6. When you have created the order, you will view the order. You can switch between the order and delivery details in the blue window.

In the upper center of the page, you can access relevant documents on the order, and below you find a set of Key Metrics over the costs connected to the order. Read about the key metrics.

Add lots to the sales order

  1. Under the tab Sold Lots, you can add the SKUs to put on the sales order
    1. Click Add Lot Line
    2. Choose in the drop-down how you wish to select the lots.
    3. Select how many lot units you wish to add to the sales order.
    4. Click Save and add further lot lines, if relevant, or click Close window.
  2. Tick the box to the left (above) so that all the lines will be selected.
  3. Click Suggest lots for delivery. The application will now suggest lots to be used based on expiry date (or alternatively purchase/production date), so that the oldest lot also will be used first.
  4. Click Select lots for delivery to control the selected lots.
  5. In the new window: Click + in the left side next to the SKU number in order to expand it. If there is a lot available of the SKU, you will now be able to fill in the field to the right with the quantity you need.
  6. Click Go to order (or you can choose to print a picking list or a delivery note before).
  7. When you have dispatched the order, click Dispatch order in the upper right corner.
  8. Click Create Invoice on the botton next to.

Dispatch order

When you have an order, you can easily mark it dispatched by using the quick button Dispatch order in the upper right corner of the order. Read more about Deliveries.

Sales quote

You can choose to create a sales quote instead of a sales order.

  1. Click the button Create in the upper right corner and select Sales quote.
  2. Now the procedure is the same as for the sales order.

You can always change the status in the order details from Sales quote to Order or Cancelled.


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