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Return order

If your customer wishes to return goods, you must create a Return Order based on the sales order.

To view your return orders, click Sales in the top menu and select Return in the drop-down menu.

Create Return Order

  1. To create a return order, go to the sales order you want to return. Click Create Return Order in the upper right corner. Click Create now in the dialog box.
  2. To transport the goods back from the customer, you must change the delivery information on the order. Click Edit in the corner of blue box.
  3. In the tab Delivery Information you can change the recipient and the dates. Click Save.
  4. In the tab Deliveries in the bottom of the order, you can now generate the new transport documents in the same ways as for other deliveries.
  5. When the return order is created, the lots on the order will have status Lost. This is to ensure that potentially damaged or problematic lots will not appear as available in the inventory.
  6. You can change the supply status of the lots to be available in your inventory. Tick the box to the left of the lot line, click Change supply status and select Confirmed. Now you can click the button Receive order to get the lots On location.
  7. To create a Credit Note for the customer, click the button Create Credit Note in the upper right corner. Now you can create the credit note as a document in the same way as when you create an invoice.

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