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EDI using B2B Backbone

With tracezilla, you can integrate to all the big Danish - and some Swedish - ERP-systems via EDI.

With an EDI, you can exchange documents like orders, order confirmation and invoices with the big Danish super market chains like Coop, Salling Group, Dagrofa and REMA as well as ICA in Sweden. Some of them require an EDI-integration to buy your products. Therefore it can be a great benefit to have an EDI-integration.

tracezilla has an integration via B2B Backbone. To set up an integration, you need an account by B2B Backbone (it’s not expensive) and get an API token from them.

Connect and configure the integration

  1. Go to your company settings.
  2. Click Go to in the subsection Built-In Integrations**.
  3. Click Connect and configure in the section B2B Backbone EDI integration.
  4. Enter you API token that you got from B2B Backbone.
  5. Select  which of your locations you want to have as sender on your documents. If you only have one location, the field will be filled automatically.
  6. Enter your bank registration number and bank account number that you want your customers to pay to.
  7. Select Yes to Enable this integration.
  8. Click Saveconfiguration.

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