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e-conomic integration

To integrate to e-conomic, click your company name in the right side of the top menu and select Company settings. The integration requires that you already has an account with e-conomic.

  1. Click Go to in the subsection Built-In Integrations.
  2. Click Connect and configure in the section e-conomic.
  3. Click the button Connect.
  4. Click OK to log in to e-conomic
  5. Enter your e-conomic Account Number, your user ID and password. Click Login.
  6. Click Add app.

The integration is now connected and ready to configure.

Initial syncronization of partners

If you wish to transfer all your partners (suppliers and customers) from e-conomic to tracezilla:

  1. SelectYes to Perform initial sync**of customers and suppliers from e-conomic to tracezilla in the section General Settings.
  2. You can assign tags to your imported customers and suppliers (e.g. the tags Customer and Supplier, respectively). Your partners in tracezilla will get this tag when you have transferred them.
  3. Click Save configuration.
  4. Your partners will now be transferred and you can find them in your Partners. It can take up to 15 minutes before all partners have been transferred.

NB! In future, your partners will be syncronized every time you use them. This means:

  • When you transfer an invoice from tracezilla to e-conomic, the application will first check whether the customer already exists in e-conomic. If this is not the case, the customer will automatically be created in e-conomic.
  • When you transfer an expense from e-conomic to tracezilla the application will check whether the supplier already exists in tracezilla. If this is not the case, the supplier will automatically be created as a partner in tracezilla.

In practise, this means that you should maintain your suppliers where you create your expenses (in e-conomic for the most part) and your customers where you create your invoices (in tracezilla).

Transfer of expenses between e-conomic and tracezilla

You can set up your integration so that selected expenses will be transferred from e-conomic to tracezilla or vice versa. The aim is to make a good cost management by linking costs to specific lots or orders and thereby say something real about the price of the good.

Select whether you want to transfer expenses from tracezilla to e-conomic or vice versa in the section Settings regarding suppliers and expenses.

If you wish to transfer expenses from e-conomic to tracezilla:

  1. Select Accounting Year (in the section General Settings).
  2. In the section Mapping of GL accounts, select a date in the field Pull expenses with posting date as of if you don’t wish to include entries from the entire accounting year.
  3. Enter a comma delimited list of GL accounts in e-conomic that should be mapped to the specified expense categories in tracezilla.
  4. The syncronization from e-conomic to tracezilla will take place when you click Pull from e-conomic under Financials > Expenses in the top menu.

If you wish to transfer expenses from tracezilla to e-conomic:

  1. Select the GL Journal you wish to transfer the expenses to in e-conomic, when you make the syncronization.
  2. Select the supplier group.
  3. When you created some expenses and you included them in a GL journal, you got to your GL journal (Financials > GL Journals in the top menu) and click Push to e-conomic.

Whether you select the one or the other direction depends how you want to manage your expenses:

  • If you choose to pull your expenses from e-conomic to tracezilla, you must create your expenses in e-conomic. This is the preferred setup for most companies because it follows the natural flow of posting of all other expenses in e-conomic. We recommend that you put a note on the expense when you post it to make it easier to see what the expense concerns when you transfer it to tracezilla.
  • If you choose to transfer expenses from tracezilla to a GL journal in e-conomic, you must create your expenses in tracezilla. We recommend that you choose this setup if the person who posts GL entries in the accounting system does not have sufficient insight in the core business to know what the expenses concern. The disadvantage of this method is that it may not follow the general flow or any automization of posting expense entries in your company that you may have.

GL journal

Before you can transfer invoices to e-conomic via your GL journals, you must indicate which journal in e-conomic you wish to transfer the invoices to. You can create a new journal just for tracezilla entries.

  1. Click in the drop-down below Use this journal in e-conomic for invoices.
  2. Choose the relevant journal.

Customer group (in e-conomic)

  1. Click the drop-down below Customer group.
  2. Choose the relevant customer group.

VAT zones (customer)

Indicate VAT zones in the drop-downs. If you have not changed the VAT-zones in e-conomic, they would typically be setup as follows:

  • Home country = Domestic
  • EU-country = EU
  • Country outside EU = Abroad

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