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Direct shipping

In tracezilla, you can do Direct Shipping of goods from a supplier to a customer, from a supplier to a producer or from a producer to a customer.

To do direct shipping, you link a purchase order to a sales order or production order or you link a production order to a sales order.

  1. Create your sales order or production order.
  2. In the bottom of the order, go to the tab Inbound Orders.
  3. Click the button Create Inbound Order and select Purchase or Production, depending on which order type you want to link to your sales order or production order.
  4. Create your inbound order as usual.

If you already created your inbound order (Purchase/Production) and you wish to link it to an outbound order (Production/Sales):

  1. Go to your purchase order and click Edit in the blue box.
  2. Tick the box Link to outbound order.
  3. Select whether the outbound order is a production order or a sales order.
  4. Select the relevant order on the list.

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