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To see your deliveries, go to Deliveries in the top menu. Click on a delivery to open it and view it.

Receive and dispatch orders

The easy way to receive an order and mark it as delivered is to go to the relevant order and click the button Receive order in the upper right corner.

  1. The lots on the order will now be marked as On location and will appear in your inventory. Only click Receive order when you know that you have received the order and have it in your inventory.
  2. In the same way, you click the button Dispatch order when the order is dispatched.
  3. If it is an outgoing order (sales/production), the lots on the order will be marked as Confirmed and dispatched and leave the inventory. If you have not selected any lots, nothing will happen. You must first select and pick lots on the order to dispatch it.
  4. If it is an ingoing order (purchase/production), you can click Dispatch order when you know the order has been dispatched from the supplier/producer. Now the status of the delivery will shift to In transit.

Please note that when you use the buttons Receive/Dispatch order, Expected lots will automatically shift status into Confirmed.

Deliveries on the order

  1. If you wish to only receive the lots marked as Confirmed, you go to the tab Deliveries in the bottom of the order. Here you will see the deliveries marked as Confirmed.
  2. To edit the delivery, you click the blue button in the right side of the delivery line and select Edit. Here you can change the status of the delivery. The status of a delivery can be set to Pending, Picked, In transit, and Delivered.
  3. If you need to reduce the quantity of goods on an order, that you have already dispatched and perhaps even received, you must first reduce the the quantity of the lot on your delivery.
    • Click the blue button in the left side of the delivery line and select Go to delivery.
    • When you view the delivery, you can see which lots are on this delivery in the tab Lots.
    • Click Edit in the right side of the lot line on your delivery and adjust the quantity to match the quantity that was actually sent.
    • Now you can go back to your order and reduce the quantity of the lot on the order. Alternatively, you can create a new pending delivery, if the quantity that was not dispatched should be dispatched at a later time.
  4. You can swap to the tab Traces to view or add traces to the delivery. Traces added to the delivery can be attached to pallets or containers, that you wish to follow. Read about traces.
  5. In the tab Expenses, you can see any expenses you may have attached to this delivery. You create and attach your expenses by selecting Financials > Expenses in the top menu or you can import them from your accounting system. Read about Expenses.
  6. In the tab Documents, you can create the documents you need for the delivery: Transport booking (Refrigerated or Ordinary), Delivery note, Picking list and Release note. Read about Documents.

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