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Cost Breakdown

The Cost Breakdown Report breaks down your costs thus making it apparent where the costs are.

You can view your expected and actual costs distributed on orders, lots, suppliers and customers. And you can view them per category, i.e. freight, labour costs, purchase price, packaging, warehouse, etc.

  1. Click Financials in the top menu and select Cost Breakdown in the section Reports in the drop-down menu.
  2. The filters above the table allow you to view costs for a specific supplier or a specific order. Click Apply.
  3. In the tabs, you can view costs per lot, per supplier and per category.
  4. If you put on a filter, the costs in each of the tabs will only apply for the supplier or order you selected in the filter.  If you did not apply any filters, the costs in the tabs will apply for all suppliers and orders.
  5. You can view the report in a printer friendly format. Click the button Printer friendly.
  6. You can export the report to Excel. Click the button XSLX.

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