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Company Settings

To change your company settings, click your company name to the right in the top menu and select Company Settings in the drop-down menu.

Company Settings

  1. To change your company details, click Edit in the corner of the blue box with your company details.
  2. Here you can change your name, contact details, default currency and preferred language.
  3. Your company profile is a partner like other partners. There may be fields that are not relevant to your own company, like default reference on documents and default payment terms.
  4. You can also add tags to your company. More about tags.

Don’t forget to save when you made your changes.

My Locations

You can attach one or more locations (addresses) to your company. This could be Main Office, different departments or warehouses etc.

  1. Click Add Location.
  2. Fill in the information and click Save.

Other Company Settings

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