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When you make an order, you can add a budget to get an idea of the costs associated with the order before you know the actual expenses.

  1. To add budget posts, go to the order and click the tab Budget in the bottom of the order.
  2. If you have entered the purchase price and/or service lines, it will already appear in your budget.
  3. Click Add Budget Post and describe the budget post in the Memo field.
  4. Select a category. 
  5. If you want the budget post to be included as an actual expense, tick the box This is overhead. This could be relevant if you want to include expenses that you are not directly invoiced, such as depreciation of material.
  6. Enter the amount and check that the currency is correct.
  7. You can add tags, if relevant.

Your budget posts will now be included in the Key Metrics in the center of your order. Read about Key Metrics.


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