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Adjust inventory in case of stocktaking or loss

You can adjust the quantity of a lot in your inventory. This would be relevant in when you do stocktaking or when goods are lost.

Click Warehouse in the top menu and select Lots in the drop-down menu.

  1. Find the lot in the list. You can search for it by using the filters to the left.
  2. Click the button Adjust Quantity.
  3. Enter Adjustment Date and Comment, if relevant.
  4. Select whether the adjustment is due to Stocktaking or Lost/Discarded goods.
  5. Enter Actual Quantity, On Hand number. This is the new quantity that is now in your inventory.
  6. The application will automatically calculate how much is gained or lost compared to the status before.
  7. NB. Goods that are Confirmed but not yet delivered are not included in the stocktaking of what you have On Hand. When you do stocktaking, you should only include what has actually been physically delivered to your warehouse.
  8. You can only adjust quantities of goods with the status On Location.

You can also go to the lot and click the button Adjust Quantity in the upper right corner.


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